Red Dead Patched for Redemption

July 21, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

One thing any true gamer grieves in their entertainment medium of choice, especially in online gaming, is cheating. Whether it be as subtle as camping or spawn killing or as vile as hacking or glitching, experiences and even patience can be tarnished by cheats and hackers. Fortunately, Rockstar has a solution for this problem in their latest title, Red Dead Redemption.

According to a representative from Rockstar:

“Those who have been detected to be cheating beyond a shadow of doubt will be promptly banned from the Red Dead online world for a period of our discretion.”

As for the day-to-day grievances of alleged “bullying”, Rockstar has a seemingly unnecessary solution for the unskilled harassed Red Dead Redemption players:

“Those who are being bullied repeatedly in Free Roam will be given the option to flee by Transporting and respawning in a region of the map of their choosing. And those who are bullying repeatedly will face a new challenge: when a player gets a 6 kill streak in Free Roam, they will become ‘Most Wanted.’ This alerts other players of their status as a player-killer, and also sends NPC law response after them.”

While it may seem that we are not particularly fond of the ‘Most Wanted’ feature, rest assured that we are not. But after a little consideration, this form of adaptive difficulty may indeed add a fun-factor for players that find the game too easy. After all, if players are that good, being ‘Most Wanted’ should be a walk in the park, right? Tell us how you feel about these improvements in the comments below.