PS3 Firmware 3.41 Now Live

July 27, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

If you’ve got a PlayStation 3, be sure to fire it up and jump to the network update icon, because firmware 3.41 is now available for download! This latest firmware upgrade includes some minor tweaks to the PlayStation Store to make finding content that peaks your interests easier than ever.

So far, the only thing discovered is the already announced “You May Like” section in the PlayStation Store, which suggests titles and media that the user may show interest in based on past purchases and downloads. This feature is now enabled, but not currently accessible, and has been confirmed to be hitting PS3’s by the end of July (we suspect it will go live along with this week’s PlayStation Store update). However, as is the case with most PS3 firmware updates, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle, as we’ll be sure to let you all know the second we discover any hidden gems in this latest update.