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PlayStation Move To Take Over the World

August 12, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

In a little over a month, the PlayStation Move will be in the hands of gamers everywhere. That’s not enough for Sony. In a move similar to the Borg’s attack on the United Federation of Planets, Sony plans on making sure no matter where you are you see the Move – or at the very least are aware of it’s presence.

According to Kotaku, Sony Computer Entertainment of America confirmed to them that they plan on a sustained marketing push to bring awareness to the PlayStation Move. In attempt to ensure anyone remotely interested in the move can experience it, expect to see the Move at malls, stores, roving trucks, and festivals all over the country. If you thought the previous way Sony showcased the Move was impressive, it looks like they were just gearing up for the encore. A Sony spokesperson had this to say about their plans for consumer assimilation:

“We’re going to have interactive kiosks at a variety of mall and pop-up locations, our Patrol Truck which travels the country, Lollapoolza, Voodoo Festival, in store kiosk activations and a variety of other locations, giving everyone a chance to try PlayStation Move”

No word yet on the who, what, where or when these displays will show up – outside of a reader letting slip to Kotaku that Best Buy and Walmart will have kiosks from September 11th until January.

Sony knows what it feels like to have lost time – to be forced to play catch-up to Microsoft.  In the case of the Move, Sony is capitalizing on launching before Kinect with a marketing campaign that makes me think of only one thing…I will be assimilated.