EA Says Bulletstorm Should Match Gears of War

EA definitely believes that the upcoming first person shooter Bulletstorm will deliver when it is released in 2011. The game is set in the future where a unit called Dead Echo betrays their squadron, resulting in them being exiled. Bulletstorm is being developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, and it is being published by Electronic Arts. The game definitely has some high expectations from EA.

David DeMartini, who is head of EA’s Partners Program, recently was interviewed by Eurogamer and had some interesting things to say about the upcoming title.

“It’s (a) new IP, so let’s hang that around its shoulders if you will. But it’s a great game. Let’s not call it Call of Duty or Medal of Honormassive, where I’m thinking Call of Duty maybe 15 million units, Medal of Honor maybe seven. It could be very much like Gears.”

Those are some definitely some big shoes to fill, we will find out if the game lives up to expectations when it releases next year.