Activision: Treyarch Not Recognized Enough For Modern Warfare 2

Many gamers still hold the idea that developer Treyarch is still the little brother of Infinity Ward when it comes to creating the Call of Duty games. Publisher Activsion is trying to set the record straight and give the Black Ops developer the recognition that they deserve.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said that Treyarch played an important  role when working with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2‘s online component. He also stated that the substandard view of Treyarch is simply “unfair.”

“That’s an unfair view of Treyarch. You know it’s not really an objective view. Treyarch contributed so significantly to the multiplayer technology that’s in Modern Warfare 2 and they didn’t really get the credit for that.”

Besides, Treyarch’s growth as a team can be easily demonstrated with the broken sales record that they achieved with Black Ops. For more information about their latest title, check out our full review of Call of Duty: Black Ops and see why we agree with Bobby Kotick.