Moogles Find Gold; Final Fantasy XIV Finished on PS3

November 17, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has provided a golden nugget of information this week regarding Final Fantasy XIV. According to the magazine, the PlayStation 3 version of the title has reached gold status. That’s right, the game’s development has hit completion and should be ready for store shelves soon.

Revealed in the same preview is news that the PlayStation 3 and PC versions are running on the same servers and the only difference between the two were slight texture differences. After all of the news regarding problems found in the PC version, we can only hope that the finished copy on PS3 will release without issues of its own. Square Enix has given early adopters two months of free playtime, and player feedback has been sour thus far. However, big patches are scheduled for this month and December, so the PS3 version has a shot at redeeming the seemingly incomplete game.