Split/Second – Trophy Guide

Split/Second is an arcade style racing game that allows players to use environmental explosions to destroy their opponents and open up new routes on the race track.  It has 31 Bronze, 13 Silver, 2 Gold, and of course 1 Platinum trophy.  Follow our guide to get them all.

Completionist (Platinum)Awarded to players who have earned every other trophy.

Earn all 46 other trophies.

Winner (Bronze) Win a round of the Season Championship.

Complete the first episode of the single player season.  Each episode consists of 6 events, with one bonus event and one elite event.  Completing the elite event in 3rd place or better wins the round.

Qualifier (Bronze) Qualify for the first round of the Season Championship.

Complete the first event in the season.

Survivor (Bronze) Complete round six of the Season Championship.

There are 12 episodes in the Season Championship.  Completing episode six marks the halfway point.  Again, you need only complete the elite event for this to count.

Made the Podium (Silver)Complete the Season Championship.

Complete all 12 episodes of the Season Championship (complete the last elite race).

Season Champion (Silver)Complete the Season Championship in first place.

This trophy requires that your total points standing in the elite races is in first after completing all 12 elite races.  You do not need to actually be first in all 12 races.

Perfection (Gold)Complete every event and Season Championship in first place.

This requires a first place standing in every offline event.  You can return to any event at any time, but it may be easiest to go for the gold on each event as soon as they are unlocked.  Enemy cars and AI appear to improve throughout all events as you progress in the season, so despite having better vehicles you will also have stiffer competition.  Either way, the detonator events are generally the most difficult, since the first place time leaves no room for error.  If you’re having trouble with these, try to avoid drifting since you will usually lose a lot of speed, memorize where all the obstacles are at, and try to take wide turns to avoid slowing down unless absolutely necessary.

Right On Track (Bronze)Win your first Bonus Round.

See “Leading the Way”.

Moving Ahead (Bronze)Win 6 Bonus Rounds.

See “Leading the Way”.

Leading The Way (Silver)Win every Bonus Round.

Each episode contains a bonus event that is unlocked by completing a certain task, usually wrecking a certain number of opponents.  The requirement can be viewed by highlighting the locked event.  Complete all 12 events with a first place time to get this trophy.

Race Winner (Bronze) Win your first Race event.

Get first place in any race event in the season.

Untouchable (Bronze)Win a Race event without crashing.

This is pretty easy, but if you’re having trouble go to quick play, set it on easy difficulty, and select a truck or other vehicle that’s relatively strong so its harder for enemies to take you out.  Getting a strong lead in the beginning is a big help, since you will then be out of range of the enemies’ power plays.

Split/Second (Bronze)Win a Race event by less than a second.

This should come naturally as you play the season.  Try to match the pace of the second place opponent, and have their front bumper even with the center of your car as you cross the finish.

Eliminator (Bronze)Win your first Elimination event.

Place first in any elimination event.

Eliminator Efficiency (Bronze)Win an Elimination event by being in 1st place at each elimination.

Go to quick play, set the game on easy mode, and grab your favorite vehicle.  Get a strong lead right away and try to maintain speed as much as possible by avoiding long drifts.  Try to keep a power play in reserve in case someone passes you.

Rope A Dope (Bronze)With 5 seconds or less on the clock, escape from last place and certain elimination.

Simply stay next to the second last player until the timer gets low, and overtake them as soon as you see there’s five seconds left.  With 7 chances per race, this should come naturally at some point any way.

Power Up (Bronze)Trigger your first Level 1 Power Play.

Trigger any power play at any time.  Build up power by drafting (following closely behind an opponent to gain speed), drifting (apply the brakes briefly as you turn, and punch the gas when you start to slide), or getting air time by going off a ramp.  Once a blue bar is full you will see blue icons over your opponents.  Press X when these appear to trigger the power play.

I Have The Power (Bronze)Trigger your first Level 2 Power Play.

You can have up to three bars of power at any one time.  When you have all three bars filled the last one will be red, and red icons will appear over your enemies at certain points in the race.  Press Circle when you see these red icons to activate a level 2 power play.

Follow Me (Bronze)In an event, change the track twice with a Route Changer Power Play.

Route changer power plays require that the red power play bar is filled to use them, and are indicated on screen by an upwards pointing arrow in a red hexagon.  The three tracks that have more than one route change are the Airport Terminal (3 route changers), Dry Docks (3 route changers), and Ferry Wharf (2 route changers).  I found this easiest on the Airport Terminal by using the Cobretti Pursuit or another car that likes to drift a lot, and just drifting on every turn to build up power before the route changes.

Bully (Silver)In an event, wreck every rival with a Power Play.

Lag behind in the beginning of the event, drifting and drafting to build power.  Once you have the first bar filled, start working your way up the ranks by wrecking each opponent on the way.  Level 2 power plays really help here, since if timed properly they can wipe out half your opponents.

Cheapskate (Bronze) Use a shortcut that a rival has triggered.

Just follow someone closely whenever you’re near a shortcut.  AI rivals will almost always activate them if they’re able to (this is a great way to take shortcuts and save your power to wreck them afterward!).

Better Luck Next Time (Bronze)Get wrecked by a shortcut that a rival has triggered.

This will probably happen while you’re trying to get “Cheapskate”.   You could also do this on purpose by slowing down a little near an activate one, and punching the gas into it as soon as it closes.

Zero To Hero (Bronze) Use a route changer to go from 8th to 1st place.

This requires a bit of luck and timing.  In quick play on easy mode the pack tends to stay closer together, so that may make it easier to get past them all.  I found it easiest to do this on Canyon, by triggering the route changer at the dam on my second lap.  It is a great shortcut, and destroys most of the competition in front of you at the same time.

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