Drake’s Deception Demoing on Jimmy Fallon Next Week

Uncharted 3 will be upon us in just one short year, with more information sure to come. While the first trailer will be live this Saturday. Trailers are nice, but the live footage will come shortly after that.

Spike TV’s Video Game Awards has become one of the biggest places in the gaming industry to announce franchises and sequels. But the reveals are technically not that main attraction of the show, it’s the awards. So while we’ll already be getting footage of Portal 2, Resistance 3, and maybe Mass Effect, it’ll just be footage. A lot of it will probably be CG footage with gameplay thrown in. Real gameplay is to shown be at a different time. Fortunately, that “different time” will be sooner than we though.

Naughty Dog will be at the studio of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon next week to show off their live demo of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Gavin Purcell, producer on Late Night just announced on Twitter:

Attn Gamers: First live demo of Uncharted 3 on @latenightjimmy next Monday, December 13th. Naughty Dog in the house.

So look forward to PlayStation LifeStyle’s coverage of the event, cause I haven’t met anyone who watches that show live.