Zipper Plans to Keep Reinforcing MAG

January 15, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

We are sure that one of the toughest decisions for any developer out there is to know when to stop supporting a game after its release. MAG has been a popular shooter since its release, and has experienced heavy support by developer Zipper Interactive with multiple packs of DLC, and even PlayStation Move controls patched-in.

Loss of support does not seem to be an option for MAG anytime soon as fans recently brought the question up on the SOCOM forums, and received very positive results. The answer came from Chris Roper, Community Specialist at Zipper Interactive.

There’s a point of diminishing returns with every game. For us to keep supporting something, it has to make financial sense – everyone here has to eat and pay for shelter, after all.

That said, we do still have work ongoing to support MAG. We’re not done yet.

This is great news for people still enjoying the epic battlefields in MAG. Though, with SOCOM 4 creeping up you do have to wonder just how much longer it will last.