Two New inFamous 2 Trailers Show Cutscenes and Karma Choices

inFamous 2 will be upon us some time in 2011, possibly this Spring, but information has been slowly trickling out from the Bellevue, Washington studio. Today it was more of a deluge.

inFamous was Sucker Punch Production’s new intellectual property to come out for the PlayStation 3 in mid 2009. Sales were great, but good developers always try to push themselves to see what they create in their worlds. inFamous 2 looks to be just that. Not only is the plan to have it visually stack up to Uncharted 2, but the gameplay has evolved with a new melee system and the Karma system is going to be weaved into the game meaningfully. How you ask? Well take this first trailer, with Zeke and Cole trying to figure out how to save a bunch of captured police officers.

First thing’s first, that’s what the new cutscenes look like. The 2D comic-style videos will probably make some sort of appearance, but this new change is definitely welcomed. That would be an example of the “Good” Karma choice. Here is what it would look like if you went the “Evil” route.

As talked about on the PlayStation Blog, inFamous 2‘s Karma system will be more about relationships with other people than good or bad actions. Instead of choosing to give away food or keeping it for example, you would choose to help certain a character’s mission and alienate the other. This way, the game itself will evolve around the choices you make, rather than just watching a different kind of cutscene. It will also be a lot easier to change sides in inFamous 2, or even stay neutral if you so desire. Exciting no? Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all your lightning-powered news.