L.A. Noire Packs Heat with Several Classic Weapons

Fans of mystery games have been aching for years now as they’ve awaited the debut of Rockstar Games’ upcoming L.A. Noire. With revolutionary animations, a Mafia-centric storyline, and murder mysteries, we’re likely to be given an experience that we won’t soon forget. As you’d expect with a title centered around the Mafia lifestyle, L.A. Noire will pack a punch with some classic weapons, and below we have a list of some of the weapons you can expect to see.

Over on the Rockstar Network forums, a user by the name of ktr has posted a full list of confirmed and possible weapons that will be included in the upcoming title L.A. Noire. See below:

Confirmed Weapons

  • Fists w/ C.Q.C. moves
  • Browning Hi-Power
  • Colt Detective Special
  • Colt M1911
  • FN Model 1922
  • Smith & Wesson Model 27
  • Browning Automatic Rifle
  • Ithaca 37

Possible Weapons

  • Colt Official Police
  • Smith & Wesson Model 10
  • M1 Carbine
  • M1 Garand
  • M1903 Springfield
  • Thompson Submachine Gun

It looks like L.A. Noire‘s developer, Team Bondi, hasn’t left anything noticeable out. The Thompson, M1, 1911, and Hi-Power are regarded as some of the most important weapons in the evolution of firearms. They’ve each served in battle, and even on the streets, and this May you can get your hands on them in L.A. Noire.