Resistance’s Irresistable Multiplayer Madness Shown on Video

March 7, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

The Resistance franchise has been known for it’s huge multiplayer battles, and it’s finally time to see whether Resistance 3‘s multiplayer will hold up its reputation.

Resistance 1 and 2 featured enormous multiplayer battles, that garnered a slightly polar reaction from gamers. Many loved the massive number of players in the game, but others found it unorganized and chaotic. Insomniac revealed a while ago they were going to address the issue of organization, but to many player’s dismay have decided to resolve it by reducing the number of battle participants to 16 per game. A new video showing off a full five minutes of the game reveals that although player count has been sacrificed, much has been added in the form of other features and abilities.

The combat still looks intense, and we can easily see Insomniac has taken a page from the “book of Duty“, by including killstreak rewards like an Assault Shield and Cloaking. There also appears to be a visual aid that highlights enemies, a quick dash ability, and various ribbons that can be earned for performing certain actions. The weapon wheel has indeed returned as previously promised, along with many familiar weapons, but a few interesting ones can be seen too. In particular, the acid spitting gun that causes a chimera to bubble and explode looks especially gruesome. Hopefully when the game releases later this year there will be plenty of other new features to help make up for the smaller sized matches. What do you think of the Resistance 3 multiplayer so far?