Mortal Kombat Trophies Out Two Hidden Characters

With Mortal Kombat literally a little over a month away from its release date, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting any news that has yet to be revealed of the brutal fighter. In traditional Mortal Kombat fashion, it seems as if NetherRealm Studios has a couple hidden characters within the game for you to unlock if the trophy list has anything to say about it.

Both of these trophies are hidden, so if you do not want to spoil it, then stop reading right now. But then again, why have you read this far anyway if you aren’t looking for a spoiler!

The characters that users will be able to unlock are Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi. It is currently unknown as to what will need to be accomplished to be able to use the characters in game. For those that are highly anticipating Mortal Kombat, remember as revealed from our PlayStation Store Preview for this week, there will be a demo for PlayStation Plus users tomorrow.