Sega: “Be Strong Like a Dragon, Japan!” New Yakuza Out June 9

Sega’s Yakuza: Of the End was originally set to release in Japan on March 18, but the events of March 11 changed that, as it did for many other games, books, DVDs, and films scheduled to make their debuts around that time.  Today, the company announced that it will be sending out Yakuza: Of the End on June 9, 2011.

Sega will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross and has made an adjustment to the packaging as well.  It will now include a sticker that reads, “Ryu ga Gotoku Ganbaro, Nippon!”  In Japanese, the series is called “Ryu ga Gotoku, ” not Yakuza.  The series name means “Like a dragon,” far from actually meaning Yakuza, the Japanese word for which is…well, “Yakuza.”  It’s tricky to translate the verb, “Ganbaru,” (from which “ganbaro” comes) because there is no direct translation, but several situational equivalents, such as “be strong,” or “hang in there,” or “do [one’s] best,” or “fight hard.”  Nippon, like Nihon, is a name for Japan.  Therefore, the sticker urges Japan to “Be strong like a dragon,”  a message of encouragement from Sega.