New Armored Core V Info and Screens Featuring Online Co-op, Mercenaries

April 15, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

The newest screenshots of FromSoftware’s Armored Core V show bits of story missions as well as the online “team play.” Below, we see the first shots giving the player some mission objectives. A lot of these missions take place in very urban environments and, according to the developers, using the surroundings to one’s advantage will often be key. These cityscapes are said to be huge, but their exact size is not yet specified. Presumably, they will vary from mission to mission, though that’s not confirmed. In the seventh screen below, they say the player is using his laser-guided “sniper canon” not just to take aim at enemies, but to shoot down buildings and obstruct the opposition that way.

Objectives will change mid-mission. For example, the enemy might send reinforcements that need to be dealt with, or perhaps the player’s plan doesn’t unfold as expected, due to not having the most complete information beforehand. In this case, adjustments will need to be made during the fight. The screens also depict a rescue helicopter arriving to pick up the player at the end of a mission, but it seems that it will only land at a garage, and that the player must clear any enemies out of the area before the chopper will descend.

At this time, it seems there will be about 70 story missions ranging from 5-10 minutes each. All story missions can be done in single player mode, or multiplayer, though it does not specify if the game will allow same-system co-op or limit it to just online mode. The number of players listed for the game is “to be announced,” which isn’t any help in figuring this out. While online, players having a tough time can actually pay another player (game money, not real money) to temporarily join the mission and take out the trash. Players can agree to their own terms, and eligible mercenaries can also be from one’s own team.

Armored Core V will be released in Japan later this year, with an exact date not yet known.