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Morbid Pyramid Head Sculpture Rises from the Depths

April 20, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Konami’s Silent Hill series is well-known for its morbidly creepy atmosphere which haunts any living behind who dares play one of its games, and the iconic Pyramid Head is just one of many reasons why. Pyramid Head is a tall, physically intimidating monster who was first introduced in Silent Hill 2, and has a reputation for being one of the most terrifying creatures in a series that is arguably the scariest we’ve ever seen.

Konami Style, the official store for Konami, has a highly detailed sculpture of Pyramid Head available for pre-order. At an insane price of $382, this wonderfully crafted piece of art is sure to make a Silent Hill fan or two happy. $382 to make sure that anyone who comes over to your home never wants to come back just might be worth it under the right circumstance.

See for yourself:

A new Silent Hill title is in the works, so hopefully we’ll see this interesting fellow again soon.