Rockstar Teases “Much, Much More” on Max Payne, Releases New Screens

April 22, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Announced back in 2004, Rockstar has been rather silent about Max Payne 3, with the game missing its 2010 release target. Just when everyone started to fear the worst, the developer released a few images of the game and confirmed it was still alive. Now, not only has Rockstar released a few more screens of the game, they have promised that there is much more soon to come.

Over on Rockstar’s website, the developer teased: “Stay tuned for much, much more on Max…” and released the new screens of the game.

Sao Paulo's favelas are a stark contrast to its burgeoning metropolis...

The fight always seems to find Max.

Max reflects on his troubled past, while preparing for the storm ahead.

With E3 only a few months away, its not too far fetched to believe that the game could make an appearance at the show, but hopefully we will hear more about Max Payne even sooner.