DiRT 3 Trailer Drives in DLC Details

May 7, 2011Written by Kishen Patel

Codemasters has came a long way from the original Colin McRae Rally series on the PlayStation 1 and 2. Seeing as how many people presumably do not know who Colin McRae even is and what he has to do with a rally racing title, the British developers and publishers were smart to rename the franchise to make DiRT the hit series that it is this generation.

To commemorate the upcoming release of the third installment to the DiRT franchise, Codemasters released a gameplay trailer along with new details about the first downloadable content to be offered to gamers in the form of pre-order incentives. The gameplay trailer gives its viewers a glimpse into just what the racer has to offer, including rally cross, a variety of weather in the environments, night-time racing, and of course to sweeten the deal, new tracks and circuits.

Dubbed the Superteams Pack, this content pack will be available at certain retailers when pre-ordering the game. With four exclusive teams and 14 vehicles available to the racers right off the bat, DiRT fans will not want to miss out on this DLC.

Are you ready to race? DiRT 3 releases onto store shelves on May 24, 2011.