Kill a Man With RAGE E3 Gameplay Video

Developer id Software, known for its iconic shooting games like the Doom series, Wolfenstein, and Quake, in conjunction with publisher Besthesda Softworks (best known for The Elder Scrolls), is inching closer to having RAGE ready to go gold. Now, the deluge of E3 news and media has turned up a lengthy gameplay video of the game.

The video — which makes it a point to announce that this is gameplay footage, not cinematic trailer stuff — starts by showing a man doing something we’ve all done: stabbing a large knife into the middle of a restaurant table and walking away. OK, so he’s actually playing a game with another patron, but from there he takes a look around and heads out into what looks like a very post-apocalyptic world reminiscent of the Fallout series. After some minor exploration, the player character meets a man named Carlson, who had some trouble with bandits. Now, the player is tasked with taking these thugs out before they can make good on their threats to poison the town’s water supply. And with that, here we go:


Lead programmer John Carmack said at this year’s show, that after this game and Doom 4 are finished, then he’d like to make a RAGE sequel. Check back for updates.