PlayStation Store Preview – July 5th, 2011: Beta For Everyone

This week is little on the light side, but hey, the Uncharted 3 beta should be more than enough to occupy your time. Aside from that, there’s a PlayStation Move Ape Escape, a couple Japan PSOne imports, and some excellent DLC, both free and premium, for Mortal Kombat.

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Uncharted 3 Beta

PlayStation Move: Ape Escape

Mortal Kombat DLC – Kenshi

Mortal Kombat DLC – Noob and Smoke Klassic Costumes (FREE)

WWE All-Stars DLC

PSOne Japan Imports

  • The Rapid Angel
  • Yakiniku Bugyou


  • Ninjamurai

rock-band Rock Band DLC

  • Buffalo Springfield – “For What It’s Worth” X
  • R.E.M. – “Man On the Moon”
  • System of a Down – “Aerials” X
  • System of a Down – “Hypnotize”
  • The Vapors – “Turning Japanese” X

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