God of War Master Collection to Ravage Only Germany

You might recall last week when we found an unannounced God of War Master Collection on the Amazon Germany website. The package was particularly exciting since it was said to include every God of War title in existence, from the original God of War where Kratos began his revenge, to the PSP’s God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Finding the product on Amazon’s German variant was a bit bewildering, but Sony’s explanation brings sense to the whole situation.

Sony responded with the following when inquired about the God of War Master Collection:

currently only slated for the German market

Germany is known for having strict laws against violence, especially in media, so this is a bold move by Sony. Even if this never makes it outside of Deutschland, you can construct the collection yourself by purchasing the God of War Collection, God of War III, followed by God of War Origins Collection later this year. Boy, that’ll be a lot of money, but it’s well-worth every penny.