RAGE “Uprising” Trailer Teases Plot and Cast

A new trailer for RAGE has shown face on the web, and for the first time it’s a video hinting at the plot and allies you’ll encounter within the game’s lengthy narrative.

We’ve already known the basic details of RAGE’s plot for some time, but until now almost every trailer released has just shown gameplay. While that’s nice, especially since RAGE has some gruesome shooter action and clever gadgets being used to facilitate that, a plot is always helpful to tie it all together. To refresh your memory, RAGE centers around a character who awakens from an Ark, a pod intended to preserve human life in the event of the Apocalypse, to find the world turned into a ravaged wasteland. Desperate survivors cling together in broken down shanty towns, mutants are running amok, and a military presence known as The Authority is trying to dominate what remains with brute force. Our character has no memory of events before entering the Ark, and soon gets drawn into a battle being waged by resistance fighters against The Authority.

Much of that video was new even to me, since in my hour and a half spent playing the demo at E3 involved very little story. Except for a mission where I battled through an Authority prison to rescue a member of the resistance, my character was mostly fighting solo with minimal character interaction. While the premise of the game may not be the most original idea (Fallout, anyone?), it certainly appears that id Software is creating a visceral environment with a gritty cast of characters to accompany it. I can honestly say the game will be worth playing for the action and gameplay alone, but here’s hoping that this video is hinting at a worthwhile plot line as well. Either way, nothing gets the adrenaline going like a little RAGE.