Ninja Gaiden 3 Slicing n’ Dicing with PlayStation Move

Ninja Gaiden games have always been renowned for their trademark hardcore, bordering on impossible, difficulty. If playing through the game with the standard DualsShock 3 controller isn’t challenging enough for you, then this new option may be just what you are looking for. Today at gamescom, Team NINJA and Tecmo Koei have announced full PlayStation Move compatibility for their upcoming killer action hit Ninja Gaiden 3.

Leader of Team NINJA Yosuke Hayashi said:

We are really excited to announce this fantastic news at one of Europe’s most prestigious game events that is gamescom. Ninja Gaiden 3 is all about slicing and chopping through flesh and bone and PlayStation Move bring players even closer to the game’s protagonist Ryu Hayabusa. The game will be compatible with all Move peripherals and it will feature full compatibility with this exciting new hardware.

If you are going to try playing a Ninja Gaiden game with PlayStation Move heed these words of advice. Test it out on the lower difficulty settings first.