Cross Game Chat #58 – EA Ruined The Battlefield 3 Beta

EA decided to release a beta that used old code for Battlefield 3, and a map that didn’t have any vehicle combat. As a result, there were a lot of gamers that played the Battlefield 3 beta and decided not to buy the game. In this week’s podcast, we discuss what steps EA should have taken to show off the game in the best light. We also discuss what type of games should release a beta, and what developers should expect to accomplish with a beta. Unfortunately, EA isn’t the only one screwing up this week – Square Enix lives up to their reputation of making horrible decisions and SEGA returns to remind us that they have no idea how to deal with the Valkyria Chronicles franchise.

This Week’s News Topics:

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  • No Single Player Content Coming to Uncharted 3 as DLC Read>>
  • FFXIV Confirmed for Q3 on PS3 Read>>
  • Suda would love to work with Kojima Read>>
  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 Cancels Trip to America Read>>
  • Men in Black Game Announced Read>>
  • BioWare Reveals Multiplayer for ME3 and Details Read>>
  • PS Vita Game Cases Hold More Than Imagined Read>>
  • Vita Games on disc and download, same day Read>>
  • Vita Games Cheaper on the download Read>>
  • Sony: Repurchase UMD Read>>

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