Unlock Exclusive Battlefield 3 In-Game Content With Dr Pepper

With Battlefield 3 having released on Tuesday in the US, many gamers have already invested hours into the FPS’ multiplayer, and may be well on their way to unlocking all the content on the disc. If you’re one of those gamers, and are hoping to have all the BF3 skins and dogtags available, you might want to head out to the shops.

Dr. Pepper has teamed up with Electronic Arts to give away voucher codes on their bottles. Each code, will give you the choice of the Dr Pepper Multiplayer Skin, “6 Wolf Moon” dogtag, “Bye Kitty” dogtag, “Opener” dogtag, “Roar” Dogtag and “Pile o’ Bones” dogtag for PS3, 360 and PC. PS3 gamers can also choose the “Recon Class Full Body Suit” PlayStation Home Avatar.

You can redeem the codes here.

If dogtags aren’t enough, and you really want to be the ultimate BF3 player by having a Battlefield 3 platinum, be sure to use our extensive trophy guide.