Tomb Raider Hits Alpha, Set for Simultaneous Release Worldwide

It looks like development on Tomb Raider has been going quite smoothly over at Crystal Dynamics, as the team has just announced that the game has entered the alpha stage.

During the latest episode of the dev team’s official show, The Crystal Habit Podcast, the progress of Tomb Raider was covered in full by senior producer Kyle Peschel and art director Brian Horto.

In addition to confirming its alpha status, they went on to clarify that they expect to be in this stage for a minimum of two months, with another two or so dedicated to work with the beta version. So, with at least another four months to go, we can reasonably expect to see Tomb Raider go gold during the end of May at the earliest.

On top of that, Karl Stewart, Crystal Dynamic’s global brand director confirmed that the game will have a “global, simultaneous release” via an FAQ on their official forums.

For more information on the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, including its impending release date announcement, keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle.