Get On Your Bike in Persona 4 Vita Screens

A few weeks ago, some screenshots and TV commercials began showing off Persona 4‘s upcoming trip to PlayStation Vita. While those gave us a look at the games all-new ski trip scenario, these even newer screens feature some hot biking action.

When players earn the proper license, they can zip all over town on their motorbikes, as well as use special bike attacks in battle. One can even ride the motorcycle to other towns for special events. Judging by the screens below, they’re bound to fill the game with some zany humor at the very least.

The last time a Persona PS2 game made the transition to a handheld, the results were excellent. This series has a huge following in Japan and a decent-sized group of international fans, so this could be one game that helps the Vita really start making more of a retail splash.

Persona 4: The Golden will be released in Japan this Spring, and one would not be foolish to assume a North American version will follow. We’ll let you know when there’s an official announcement about that.