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Acquire Announces New Class of Heroes PSP Title

Not long ago, we reported that the attempt by Gaijin Works and Monkey Paw Games to raise enough money to localize Class of Hereos 2 for PSP had fallen well short. As if dumping a whole shaker of salt in the wound, developer Acquire recently announced that a brand new installment — also for PSP — will arrive in Japan later this year.

Entitled New Class of Heroes: Toki Academy, the new game will bring something of a facelift to the series. Its first three outings have featured first-person dungeon crawling similar to that of series such as Wizardry, Elminage, or Etrian Odyssey, but this next game will more closely emulate the systems and play style of a stereotypical JRPG. Here are 15 images and the debut trailer, in that order:

Here’s the video:


New Class of Heroes: Toki Academy will be released July 19th in Japan, and stateside, probably never. You never know, though, and with this being a more marketable genre than previous CoH titles, perhaps this one could make the trip.