Who Sony’s Special gamescom Guest Could Be

Sony has revealed that there’ll be a “special guest” at gamescom working on an unannounced project, which will presumably be revealed at the show. So who do we think Sony’s special guest is? Read on.

The topic of the panel is ‘games as art’, so that rules out anyone working on Call of Duty, but it still leaves a whole host of potential candidates that we can fantasize over:

Gabe Returns:

Everyone’s favorite billionaire made headlines after he appeared at Sony’s E3 2010 conference saying that he now loved the PS3 and Sony. Coming to gamescom and making a similar statement about the Vita, or even announcing a new project for PS3 (and 360, PC of course) would be incredible for Sony’s gamescom show.

Likelihood: Pretty low: The Vita is a very closed platform which Newell hates, and it’s unlikely he’d choose Sony’s show to announce a new project for any platform.


Hideo Kojima is addicted to appearing at conferences, having attended a ton of E3s for Sony and Microsoft, PlayStation Meetings and even a Kinect Presentation. He’s shown a huge interest in the Vita, teasing a “dream project” and has a secret “taboo project” which would probably make a perfect topic for any games-art debate.

Likelihood: Medium: While he loves conferences and loves PlayStation, his English is notoriously terrible, making for an awkward and unlikely panel discussion even with a translator.

Peter Molyneux:

Ok, so Molyneux completely over hypes all his games and plans to include $50,000 DLC in his upcoming iOS game Curiosity, but having him at the show would be so facepalmingly enjoyable it’d be worth it.

Likelihood: Zilch. Molyneux is happily at work on his mobile games, and hates the Vita so he probably won’t even port the game to that.

Chris Zimmerman/Anyone from Sucker Punch:

Sony has brought a whole host of their biggest IPs to PS Vita, including Uncharted, WipEout and even the defunct ModNation franchise. But inFamous remains PS3 only, despite being reasonably successful. Announcing the game for the Vita would greatly improve the handheld’s lineup.

Seeing a new PS3 game from Sucker Punch is probably more likely, all their job listings say it’s for the home console (although the the company could be doing what Naughty Dog and Media Molecule are doing and developing multiple products). While the Vita needs all the support it can get, a PS3 game would always be more than welcome from the often under-appreciated developer.

Likelihood: Above average: InFamous isn’t the most arty of games, despite having an artbook, but that doesn’t mean their next game isn’t going to be suitable for the panel discussion. Rain is also a SCEA trademark, which would make sense for this developer and any other US ones owned by Sony.

Ted Price:

Insomniac may no longer be fully second party and developing Overstrike for EA and some lame Facebook games, but Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault proves they’re still not done with Sony. Ratchet & Clank Vita? A new IP? Could be.

Likelihood: Slightly below average: Resistance 3 was a gamescom announcement, but it’s probable that Insomniac is still trying to expand their fanbase onto other platforms. And, after the sales of R3, does Sony even want to employ them to make a new IP?

Stig Asmussen:

Sony Santa Monica are openly hiring for a new IP that is a shooter with vehicle combat and possibly has Stig Asmussen directing the game.

Likelihood: Low. Don’t expect to see the game before GOW is out, and it doesn’t sound like a very arty project. Santa Monica itself, however, has helped with thatgamecompany and Giant Sparrow’s titles, so that’s in their favor.

Hermen Hulst/Anyone from Guerrilla Games:

So we’re pretty sure that GG is working on a PS4 game, but we still think there’s a good chance that they’re working on a PS3 game set to be revealed soon. Here’s why: they announced in 2010 that they’re working on a new IP, despite still developing KZ3, showing that they split their team into two – and they are still working on multiple projects according to this LinkedIn. GG is also one of the largest developers Sony owns and has been on a huge hiring spree since 2010, even moving to a larger building, suggesting that they have the manpower to handle both projects in full production like Naughty Dog. Having announced the new IP two years ago that has given the project more dev time than the average game already, and 2010 was probably too early for PS4, suggesting the new IP is on PS3, while Killzone 4 is on PS4.

Likelihood: High. They’re European and this is gamescom in Germany, which is always a plus. The numbers add up – GG has two games in development and it’s unlikely they’re both coming to PS4, so that doesn’t leave Sony much time to announce the game before the next gen comes around. The only area of doubt will be whether the new IP is ‘art’.

So who would you like at the panel, and what would you like them to announce? Let us know in the comments below.