Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay Details Emerge

The announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes set the internet ablaze when series mastermind Hideo Kojima revealed the title yesterday. And while everyone in attendance was asked to keep quite about what they saw, the guys over at 8-4 Play just couldn’t help themselves.

In the latest episode of the 8-4 Podcast, a number of exciting details surrounding Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes are discussed. For the full rundown on all of the nitty gritty you can skip forward about seven and a half minutes when the actual Ground Zeroes chatter starts. However, if you’d just like a brief rundown of what the actual gameplay entailed, you can read our brief summary of their commentary below.

After a long cinematic intro – no surprise there – the player takes control of Snake, ducking to avoid the lights above and crawling along the ground. The podcasters note that judging by the character’s appearance, all signs point to this being Big Boss. As rats scurry across the ground, red blips alert Snake of their presence, though the radar was not on screen at all times.

After tranquilizing a foe positioned up in the tower he hops in a Jeep as Kojima declares that this is an open-world game. But when a tank is heading in his direction, he backs up into the grass, all remaining in third-person. After getting out of the vehicle, he throws a flare to signal a chopper to come to your aid.

Based on the podcaster’s commentary, it all looked absolutely amazing.