EA Teases Battlefield 4 with Vine Short

March 19, 2013Written by Kayvon Ghoreshi

Have six seconds to kill? Then you may want to look at a short video that EA has released. We already known that Battlefield 4 is going to get revealed next week, so, to help build some buzz, EA has released a short video on Vine for gamers to whet their appetite.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Vine, it is an app from Twitter that allow users post video clips up to six seconds long. EA decided to get creative and use Vine for a teaser for Battlefield 4, which you can see here.

Obviously, there isn’t much to see in six seconds other than what appears to be the treads of a tank turning. However it is worth noting the “Prepare 4 Battle” slogan as well as the reference to 03.27 which could be signalling the release date of a game trailer.

What are your thoughts on EA’s teaser? Are you looking forward to the Battlefield 4 reveal? Let us know in the comments.

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