Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Production Started “A Couple Months Before Far Cry 3” Launched, Check out an 8 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a new standalone title with the Far Cry name, is set for release on the PSN this Tuesday, April 30th in North America, with Europe getting it one day later on Wednesday, May 1st.

We’ve posted an over 8 minute gameplay walkthrough above (just listening to the commentary is worth watching it for), but for some backstory on Blood Dragon, NowGamer caught up with Phil Fournier, Production Manager on the game.

In the interview, Phil revealed that “when we got the green light for the project, we couldn’t believe it. Honestly, we felt like kids that got all the keys to a toy factory and the fun we had making Blood Dragon really translates into the game. It’s filled with lasers, cheesy-one liners, cyber-love and a lot of explosions.”

Utilizing a “portion of the original Far Cry 3 team” and “the same award-winning technology from Far Cry 3,” production on Blood Dragon “actually started a couple of months before Far Cry 3 got on store shelves.”

If you’re thinking that Blood Dragon somehow takes place within the same storyline as Far Cry 3, Phil said that it’s “completely independent” and their decision to make this a standalone release was so that “more people will be able to enjoy the cyber-action and the best terrible script that we put together.”

Are you planning on getting Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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