SCEA Trademarks “The Best Place to Play” and “Push the Boundaries of Play” as PS4 Advertising Slogans

While pre-E3 events and big game announcements at E3 will help core gamers decide on which platform to get next gen, advertising will play a major factor in the success of the PS4 and Xbox One among the average consumer.

One big advertising rumor for Sony is “Greatness Awaits“, which we may see used in ads closer to launch, but now PSLS has uncovered two more trademark listings. The first is: “The Best Place to Play”, which seems like a pretty self-explanatory slogan – The PS4 is the best place to play games. The second is “Push the Boundaries of Play”, which Sony already used a variant on when they were upstaging the Xbox One reveal.

What’s most promising about both of these advertising slogans is that they are about videogames. With the Xbox One event moving away from games and focusing on TV shows, there has been a growing concern that the PS4 may end up following suit.

Do you think that Sony will be able to advertise the PS4 sensibly, or are the crying babies of doom already in makeup? Let us know in the comments below.