PlayStation Marketing Takes on Xbox at Las Vegas Sphere
Image: Tyler Treese, PlayStation LifeStyle

PlayStation and Xbox Go Head-to-Head Advertising on the Las Vegas Sphere

Sony and Microsoft have taken PlayStation and Xbox marketing activities up a notch, duking it out at the Las Vegas Sphere last week. The massive entertainment venue is wrapped in LED screens, with its exterior an advertising attraction that reportedly costs a pretty penny to book.

A look at PlayStation and Xbox marketing at the Las Vegas Sphere

The Xbox advertisement showed some new and upcoming platform exclusives including Starfield, Hellblade 2, and Forza. Sony’s advertisement was all about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 timed with its launch weekend.

If a previous leak is to be believed, Sony and Microsoft may have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on the ads depending on how long they were up for at the end of the day. A one-day booking costs up to $450,000, according to an internal presentation leaked by a Twitter user (thanks, The Verge).

Sounds a bit ridiculous, but both console makers have been spending a good chunk of money on elaborate advertisements around the globe. Sony has previously splashed on pop-ups for games like Horizon Forbidden West as part of its “Live From PS5” marketing campaign. Microsoft, on the other hand, has gone as far as putting up advertisements in the London Underground urging the U.K. to approve its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.