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Andrew House on E3, PS4: Consumer Ownership is Important, “We Try to Respect the Views of our Fans”

We let you know about Tretton briefly appearing on the PS LiveCast earlier, and now president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House has come on to share his love for PlayStation.

Sid Shuman, PlayStation’s social media manager, asked him if he had a message for gamers, to which he said:

We’ve been in this business a long while. I think when we’re at our best is when we are thinking about consumers, giving them great experiences. I think also, we try to respect the views of our fans – give them a great value proposition, and also ensure that things like consumer ownership, as I talked about on Monday night, are really important to us. So, I hope that our PlayStation fans out there are as excited and energized as we are about this great new platform. We’ve got wonderful experiences coming at you. You should look forward to it.

He also commented on the crowd’s crazy reaction to their E3 #NoDRM and price announcements:

I’ve been coming here for a good 15 years and those cheers were, I think, the loudest that I’d ever heard. Which is fabulous, it’s great to know that we listened to PlayStation fans, I think we’re delivering on our promise to them, and the fact that we’re getting such a positive response is just great news for us.

As well as talking about the look of the PS4:

It’s such a lovely device: the shape, the finish, and the care that’s gone into it. Still images just don’t do it justice.

And its price:

I hope that our fans in PlayStation nation feel that it is a good value proposition.

House also covered the appearance of indie games on Sony’s E3 stage:

I think it’s really important for the health and the vibrancy of our industry that, you know, we all love to play big, high-end production games, and that’s fantastic. But, we really want to make sure that there’s an opportunity for talent to emerge in our business from wherever (small teams). That way you also get the unusual, the quirky, the funny, and all that should be part of the PlayStation experience. So I’m really proud of the guys for the relationships that they’re building, and also, I think the fact that we’re setting things up in the right way for small independent developers to bring their ideas and their games directly to a PlayStation audience is something pretty special.

Are you looking forward to these “wonderful experiences”? Hype yourself up below.