Daily Reaction: Game Over, Man


Due to us having had to send Dan away to San Diego Comic Con for the rest of the week, Daily Reaction was left with two options: 1) We close up shop for a week and let Sebastian type up interviews or 2) We temporarily replace Dan with Jason and subject you to Canadian humor.

See you next week, but first, here’s a little going away present:

Seb: Life was perfect, he had finally mastered his role. Lt. Andrew Jacobs was all he could be – every day he would rush out to battle, shoot and stab his way across the arena, on and on in an endless struggle.

Sometimes he would win, defeating all who stood in his way. Sometimes he would die, falling to the first bullet. It didn’t matter.

Andrew had complete faith in his masters, he surrendered his body to them, let them control him, let them become the victors or the losers. He was happy just to serve. That’s what he was created to do, he didn’t need freedom, he didn’t understand the concept of freedom. He knew he would have been lost with it, it was his duty to be theirs. And it was was bliss.

He stretched, flexed his muscles and readied himself. The countdown timer was drawing to an end, and soon he’d be thrown into the fray once again. He turned to his friend, Stan, eager to pump himself up before the fight, but he caught the private’s dour expression: “What’s wrong?”, he asked.

Stan replied passionately, sadness creasing his face, “they’re shutting us down. Offline, man, off-fucking-line. I dedicated my life to this, and it’s just ending. This is the last battle.”

Andrew vomited.

“You can’t be serious, it can’t be true… this is it? It’s over? It’s all over… what now?”


Andrew rallied himself, wiping away the tears. He hugged Stan as the countdown timer neared the end. “We can do this, we will do our job, we will go out there and it will be glorious. We will go down with our names being chanted in the halls of Valhalla. We are warriors, to the end.

We will join the legions of the fallen, the footballers of Madden, the soldiers in SOCOM, the drivers in Motorstorm and we will await those to come – The Division, The Crew, the people of SimCity… all will follow us.

We will not be forgotten.”

Dan: Sorry I didn’t make a more confusing image, but I figured this would do the job with the little time I had. If anyone needs me, make sure to hit me up on the Twitterverse or email me at [email protected]

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With Daily Reaction putting its feet up, you’d think things would slow down, but stick to PSLS for a week of awesome content, and be sure to check out next week’s special Mark Cerny Daily Reaction.

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