Deep Silver Promotes Saints Row #GATV on Twitter, Trolls CNN, GTAV, Illiterates

Saints Row has always struggled to distance itself from the moniker ‘pretender to the GTA throne’, despite recent releases becoming increasingly unique. So, with today’s GTAV launch, you’d think that Saints Row publisher Deep Silver would be sad that the behemoth of open world games has released. Instead, they’ve decided to have a bit of fun.

Deep Silver has bought a promoted slot on Twitter for the hashtag #GATV – which is both the name of today’s Saints Row DLC, and very similarly written to GTAV. In February, the cost of a promoted hashtag was believed to be $200,000.

As a result, CNN’s Marysabel Huston tweeted:

D-day for gamers!! #GATV is out today! Did you get the game at midnight?


And hundreds of confused gamers have taken to Twitter to ask why Saints Row is promoting GTA, why it’s spelled wrong, and what they had for breakfast.

Clearly enjoying the pandemonium, Deep Silver’s Director of PR and PSLS fan Aubrey Norris tweeted:

Okay @RockstarGames I hope you aren’t too mad I trolled your release date here’s a fun picture to make it better! <3


And there’s this:

So, the big question is – what will you be playing, GTAV or GATV?

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