PlayStation Store Global Update – December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013Written by Louis Edwards

** Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ***

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week’s PlayStation Store Update.

** Note for other regions **

European PSN is updated on Wednesdays.

North American Update

PlayStation Plus Content

Instant Game Collection

  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


Game TitlePS Plus PriceRegular Price
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse$3.75$14.99
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two$10.00$39.99
Proteus Vita$5.94$13.99
Dragon Fantasy Book I & II (bundle)$8.39$19.99
Dragon Fantasy I$2.50$9.99
Dragon Fantasy I Vita$2.50$9.99
Dragon Fantasy II$7.34$14.99
Dragon Fantasy II Vita$7.34$14.99
Hotline Miami$1.49$9.99
Hotline Miami Vita$1.49$9.99
Diablo III$35.19$59.99


  • Zen Pinball 2 (PS4)

Price Changes

Game TitleNew PriceOriginal Price
Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus$5.99$9.99
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee$5.99$9.99


Game TitleSale PriceRegular Price
Blacklight Retribution: 10000 + 2000 Bonus Zcoin$64.99$99.99
Blacklight: Retribution 1000 + 50 Bonus Zcoin$7.49$9.99
Blacklight: Retribution 2500 + 250 Bonus Zcoins$18.74$24.99
Blacklight: Retribution 500 Zcoin$3.74$4.99
Blacklight: Retribution 5000 + 750 Zcoins$34.99$49.99
Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse$7.49$14.99
Diablo III$39.99$59.99
Disney’s Epic Mickey 2$19.99$39.99
Doki-Doki Universe (Ps3)$9.99$14.99
Doki-Doki Universe (Ps4)$9.99$14.99
Doki-Doki Universe (Vita)$9.99$14.99
Dragon Fantasy Book I (Cross-Buy + Cross Play)$4.99$9.99
Dragon Fantasy Book I And Ii Bundle$13.99$19.99
Dragon Fantasy Book I Vita (Cross-Buy + Cross Play)$4.99$9.99
Dragon Fantasy Book II (Cross Buy & Cross Play)$10.49$14.99
Dragon Fantasy Book II Vita (Cross Buy & Cross Play)$10.49$14.99
Ducktales Remastered$8.99$14.99
Grand Theft Auto IV$9.99$19.99
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PS2 Classic$7.49$14.99
Grand Theft Auto V$39.99$59.99
Grand Theft Auto V (Identical Mexican PSN version)$57.37$74.99
Hotline Miami (Cross Buy)$2.49$9.99
Hotline Miami Vita (Cross Buy)$2.49$9.99
Papo & Yo$4.99$9.99
Proteus (Cross Buy)$8.49$13.99
Proteus Vita (Cross Buy)$8.49$13.99

PS4 Games

  • Zen Pinball 2 (Free)

PS3 Bundle

Dragon Fantasy Book I and II ($19.99)

PS4 App


PS4 Add-ons

The Playroom
  • My Alien Buddy (Free)
Zen Pinball 2
  • Doctor Strange ($2.99)
  • Paranormal ($2.49)
  • Avengers Chronicles Pack ($9.99)
  • Earth Defense ($2.49)
  • Epic Quest ($2.49)
  • Marvel Pinball Original Pack ($9.99)
  • Plants Vs Zombies Table ($2.99)
  • Sorcerer’s Lair (Free)
  • Star Wars Pinball ($9.99)
  • Star Wars Pinball Balance Of The Force ($9.99)

PS3 Add-ons

  • Bull Shark Cash Card ($9.99)
  • Great White Shark Cash Card ($19.99)
  • Red Shark Cash Card ($2.99)
  • Tiger Shark Cash Card ($4.99)
The Walking Dead Season Two
  • Season Pass ($19.99)

PS3 Themes

  • Angelique Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Anne Stokes: Harbringer Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Anne Stokes: Mystic Aura Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Anne Stokes: Prayer for the Fallen Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Bria’s Slumber Party Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Digital Blasphemy Singularity Rising Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Fantasy Idols: Volume I Static Theme ($1.99)
  • Happy New Year 2014 Static Theme ($1.99)
  • Merry Christmas Blue 2013 Static Theme ($1.99)
  • Merry Christmas Red 2013 Static Theme ($1.99)
  • NBA: Cavs Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Celtics Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Clippers Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Heat Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Knicks Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Lakers Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Magic Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Nets Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Nuggets Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Pistons Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Spurs Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Suns Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Thunder Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • NBA: Warriors Game Time Static ($1.99)
  • Rage Theme Bundle III ($4.99)


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