Dying Light Producer: Zombies Are an “Easy and Safe Choice” for In-Game Enemies

February 11, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Hopefully you weren’t expecting a big announcement (such as a release date or demo) for Dying Light today based on the tease given last week, because Techland only brought out a new trailer for the game today, titled ‘Humanity’, while also explaining a little more about the enemies you’ll encounter.

Giving you a look at the zombies in the game, check out the Humanity trailer below:

Techland Senior Producer Tymon Smektala discussed the enemies of Dying Light further in-depth by saying, “Zombies are an easy and safe choice for in-game adversaries because they’re ‘already dead’ and no one bats an eye when killing them.” With Dying Light though, “‘The infected’ are just that – humans that have mutated as the result of an infection, just like the flu or pneumonia. So we’re asking in this trailer that fans think about the humans that these now “monsters” used to be. Is there a place for kindness in such a cruel world?”

As for the epidemic, Smektala says, “The infection spread so rapidly that there was no time to confine, research, or treat it before society fell.  The infection makes victims aggressive and dangerous to anyone around them and, of course, makes them crave human flesh. Dying Light takes place in a quarantined city, just several weeks after the outbreak.”

After saying how there will be many other cities around the city of Harran in Dying Light that you can choose to help or not, Tymon talked about some of the touch decisions you’ll encounter:

Living in Harran is a game of chance, as the infection is not limited to specific groups or social classes. Players should remember that not only the survivors were common people like you and me just the other month – so were the infected. In order to stay alive, you may be forced to shoot your family doctor, smash your neighbor’s skull, chop a colleague from your office to pieces, leave your best friend for certain death, or burn your favorite English teacher from the primary school alive. It’s either you or them. But you should never forget that they’re not walking corpses – they’re just ill, although there’s no cure to their illness.

Dying Light will be out later this year on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Do you like Techland’s decision to include infected humans, rather than zombies? Let us know in the comments below.