Telltale Games: The Wait for The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 “Will Almost Certainly be Shorter”

With The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided confirmed for release next week (at least in North America) on PS3, it marks a wait of about 2 and a half months from when we received the first episode of Season 2, All That Remains, in late December.

While this may not seem like too long between episodes, Telltale Games Laura Perusco gave some unexpected and joyous news on the PS Blog when she said, “We’ll do our best [to release episodes sooner rather than later]! The wait for Episode 3 will almost certainly be shorter :).” If this holds true, it means we’ll be seeing Episode 3: In Harm’s Way in either April or May.

Going over a few more pieces of information on Telltale titles, Perusco said, “We don’t yet have a release window, but we’ve confirmed that The Wolf Among Us will be coming to PlayStation Vita :).” As well, your choices in the first season of The Walking Dead on PS Vita “should carry over to Season 2” on PS Vita when it releases in late March (it won’t include Cross Buy with the PS3 version), provided you still have your save file.

Still remaining non-committal on possibly bringing their games to PS4, Perusco said, “We haven’t announced any plans for PlayStation 4 yet, but we’re definitely interested in the platform!”

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