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Editor’s Letter: Passing the Torch Yet Again, Welcome to PSLS 3.0

March 3, 2014Written by Anthony Severino

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Dear PlayStation LifeStyle readers,

If you’re unaware of who I am, I’m Anthony “Sev” Severino, Founder of PlayStation LifeStyle, currently serving as Executive Editor, overseeing PlayStation LifeStyle,,, and I began PlayStation LifeStyle with a check for $500, and a ton of blood, sweat, and tears. It quickly drew the attention of the founding staff members, some of whom are still here today.

Aside from a few staple mainstays here at PSLS, many staff members have come and gone, some more important to PlayStation LifeStyle’s editorial direction than others, but all equally passionate about what we do here: Connecting the world of PlayStation and the lifestyle that comes with it to the most dedicated and involved PlayStation gamers.

The reason I bring up the comings and goings of staff members, is because I write this Editor’s Letter today with the intent of sharing both good news and bad news. Like ripping off a band-aid quickly, I’ll begin with the bad news: Sebastian Moss is no longer serving PSLS in the Editor-in-Chief position, and has taken a leave to focus on personal issues and his family’s health. While we understand this comes as a loss to you all, we here in the PSLS staff also join you in sharing your pain. But we also know that this is obviously what’s best for Sebastian, so we wish him well and hope for a proper return whenever he is able to.

However, when one chapter ends, another begins. And much like my passing the torch to Sebastian Moss well over a year ago, the void Sebastian leaves will be filled with others that will keep the PSLS flame burning stronger than ever.

I’d like to welcome you to what I’m calling PSLS 3.0, a new era of PlayStation LifeStyle that takes the current mantra over at PlayStation of “For the Gamers”, and adding our own “By the Gamers”. The new PSLS team assembled here are names you may recognize, such as Dan Oravasaari, one-half of Bad Gamers and Daily Reaction, who will now be serving as our Senior Editor. Names like Chandler Wood, co-host of Morning Wood and a mainstay in our reviews team organized by Cameron Teague. Past staff members are also making a return, such as John VanderSchuit as Copy Editor, keeping our content clean, tidy, and full of wit. Joseph Peterson also returns, as do his prized-possession: the PlayStation LifeStyle forums. We welcome you to join our ranks on the forums and participate in a budding community.

Of course I will still be involved, as will Jason Dunning on the daily News grind, as well as many others involved in the “new” PSLS, and I encourage you to view our Staff page to see the talented team we have here for your reading and viewing pleasure.

We will continue to bring you unbiased news and reviews from the PlayStation gamer perspective, and we will do so with the same level of integrity we always have. We will, however, be striving even more to connect with the reader via a heavy community focus, regularly scheduled features, social media, and editorial content. We’re going to be coming from more angles than before, including live-streaming newly released games on the PS4, and getting the community actively involved on our site in a variety of ways. I don’t want to spoil it all, so we’ll have to leave you waiting.

PlayStation LifeStyle enters its 8th year of operation, starting from meager beginnings and growing to the most-visited PlayStation-centric website in the entire world (that isn’t owned by Sony themselves). With a renewed outlook, a fresh staff, new forums, and so much more, PlayStation LifeStyle is poised to continue to thrive and deliver the content that you’ve come to love.

Thank you for sticking with us over the years, and we look forward to serving you for many more to come.