“No Plans” for Western Release of Yakuza: Ishin on PS3/PS4

Having the distinction of being the #1 best-selling non-bundled PS4 game in Japan during the first couple of weeks after launch, Yakuza: Ishin had moved over 120,000 copies on the new system in less than a month after launch, while the PS3 version added over 210,000 sold in the same time frame.

Despite the game’s success in Japan, Sega has no plans to bring the game out West, as Sega Japan bluntly told GamingBolt:

There are currently no plans at this time.

Sega also answered a few more questions about the game, revealing that development took 1 year, the reason for a dual PS3/PS4 release was because they “wanted to have as many people as possible to play the game,” and they explained what the biggest challenge during development was:

The biggest challenge we had while developing the game was the connecting feature with PS Vita. If you have PS Vita, you can level up even when you are outside, so we had hard time estimating the playtime using the 2 platforms and adjusted the game balance considering this.

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