EA Explains Why EA Sports UFC is Not Coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

As part of our chat with EA Sports UFC assistant producer Jazz Brousseau, where he revealed that the sports title won’t see a yearly release, PlayStation LifeStyle also asked him why EA Sports UFC won’t be making its way to last-gen (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360).

PSLS asked him what was the team’s decision in not releasing EA Sports UFC to last-gen consoles, and if that wasn’t too big of a revenue driver to ignore.

Yeah, certainly when we made that decision two years ago to only focus our efforts on next-gen it felt maybe we were making a gamble. In hindsight, I think we made the right choice. The reason is really simple: it’s just that we wanted to provide the best experience possible. We wanted to really showcase the power of the EA Sports Ignite engine, the power of next-gen. And we didn’t feel that we were going to be able to do that if we had to divide our attention to Gen 4 and Gen 3 (PS3 and Xbox 360).

So, we made the call very early on to focus all of our efforts on PS4 and Xbox One; and really bring the fighters to life…really focus on the presentation and do things we weren’t able to do with current-gen (PS3 and Xbox 360).

Just in case you missed it, Brousseau also revealed how the studio is handling online intentional disconnects in the upcoming fight sim.

Do you think EA made a mistake in not releasing EA Sports UFC to cater to PS3 and Xbox 360 owners given how big the user base of both platforms are now? Or did they do the right thing since developing for last-gen might have held back the studio from making the best UFC game they can? Sound off and let us know in the comments.