Red Dead Redemption PS3 Patch 1.08 Removes GameSpy Support, Fixes Exploits

Just like with Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption on PS3 has received a new patch to remove GameSpy support. In the case of Red Dead, online multiplayer gameplay remains unaffected, but Social Club website stat tracking and leaderboards, in-game Social Club services, and in-game multiplayer leaderboards have all been removed.

Patch 1.08 for Red Dead Redemption also fixes some exploits, which you can read about below in the full update notes:


  • Fixed a number of commonly-reported exploits, including rapid fire, map escapes, and invincibility through throw-canceling.
  • Added additional mod/cheat detection

Removed GameSpy Support, Which has These Effects

  • Removed in-game news.
  • Removed in-game leaderboards.
  • Removed in-game comparisons with other players.
  • Removed in-game Social Club.

Unlocked all Social Club Content, Which has These Effects

  • Marshals skin pack unlocked in multiplayer
  • Unlocked Social Club unlock bonuses for Story Mode: Deadly Assassin Outfit, Warhorse, and Golden Guns
  • Unlocked all cheats and power-ups from Social Club Website: Donkey Rider Cheat, Increase Bounty Cheat, Change Weather Cheat, Bad Guy Cheat, Dead Eye Level 1, Dead Eye Level 2, So-So Guy Cheat
  • Unlocked all cheats and power-ups rewarded for completing 2/3 objectives in a Social Club Challenge: Dead Eye Level 3 Cheat, Gun Set 3 Cheat, Guns Blazing Cheat, Rise Up Cheat, Every Shot Counts Cheat, Right to Bear Arms Cheat, Gun Set 4 Cheat, Punchout Cheat, Beastmaster Cheat, Clear Bounty Cheat
  • PSN/Xbox LIVE avatars: Posse T-shirt, Genlteman’s Attire Outfit
  • Gentleman’s attire: High Stakes poker room in Blackwater becomes available only while wearing the Gentleman’s attire.

Depending on your region and game type, this new update might be seen as something different:

  • Red Dead Redemption Europe – 1.08
  • RDR North America – 1.08
  • RDR Japan – 1.03
  • RDR Undead Nightmare EU – 1.03
  • RDR UN US – 1.03
  • RDR UN JPN – 1.02
  • RDR Game of the Year EU – 1.01
  • RDR GOTY US – 1.01
  • RDR GOTY JPN – 1.01
  • RDR PSN Download EU – 1.01
  • RDR PSN Download US – 1.01
  • RDR UN Download EU – 1.01
  • RDR UN Download US – 1.01

Are you still playing Red Dead Redemption?

[Source: Rockstar]