Red Dead Redemption PS3 Patch 1.08 Removes GameSpy Support, Fixes Exploits

June 19, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Just like with Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption on PS3 has received a new patch to remove GameSpy support. In the case of Red Dead, online multiplayer gameplay remains unaffected, but Social Club website stat tracking and leaderboards, in-game Social Club services, and in-game multiplayer leaderboards have all been removed.

Patch 1.08 for Red Dead Redemption also fixes some exploits, which you can read about below in the full update notes:


  • Fixed a number of commonly-reported exploits, including rapid fire, map escapes, and invincibility through throw-canceling.
  • Added additional mod/cheat detection

Removed GameSpy Support, Which has These Effects

  • Removed in-game news.
  • Removed in-game leaderboards.
  • Removed in-game comparisons with other players.
  • Removed in-game Social Club.

Unlocked all Social Club Content, Which has These Effects

  • Marshals skin pack unlocked in multiplayer
  • Unlocked Social Club unlock bonuses for Story Mode: Deadly Assassin Outfit, Warhorse, and Golden Guns
  • Unlocked all cheats and power-ups from Social Club Website: Donkey Rider Cheat, Increase Bounty Cheat, Change Weather Cheat, Bad Guy Cheat, Dead Eye Level 1, Dead Eye Level 2, So-So Guy Cheat
  • Unlocked all cheats and power-ups rewarded for completing 2/3 objectives in a Social Club Challenge: Dead Eye Level 3 Cheat, Gun Set 3 Cheat, Guns Blazing Cheat, Rise Up Cheat, Every Shot Counts Cheat, Right to Bear Arms Cheat, Gun Set 4 Cheat, Punchout Cheat, Beastmaster Cheat, Clear Bounty Cheat
  • PSN/Xbox LIVE avatars: Posse T-shirt, Genlteman’s Attire Outfit
  • Gentleman’s attire: High Stakes poker room in Blackwater becomes available only while wearing the Gentleman’s attire.

Depending on your region and game type, this new update might be seen as something different:

  • Red Dead Redemption Europe – 1.08
  • RDR North America – 1.08
  • RDR Japan – 1.03
  • RDR Undead Nightmare EU – 1.03
  • RDR UN US – 1.03
  • RDR UN JPN – 1.02
  • RDR Game of the Year EU – 1.01
  • RDR GOTY US – 1.01
  • RDR GOTY JPN – 1.01
  • RDR PSN Download EU – 1.01
  • RDR PSN Download US – 1.01
  • RDR UN Download EU – 1.01
  • RDR UN Download US – 1.01

Are you still playing Red Dead Redemption?

[Source: Rockstar]