Report: Destiny to Have One Destination Per Planet According to Bungie’s David Dague

Bungie’s Community Manager, David ‘Deej’ Dague disclosed during a Twitch live stream that Destiny will only have one “destination” (the term Bungie prefers to use for ‘maps’) per planet. Although you can hear Deej say this by skipping to 1:49:30 in the video, we’re still calling it a report until Bungie has an official statement to make confirming his remarks.

This, however, hasn’t stopped people from expressing their disappointment already, especially since Deej later went on to say that the developer has already revealed everything that we’re going to explore in the first version of Destiny

It looks like more missions and places to explore will be added via expansion packs/DLC. According to this reddit thread, we’re told to “reasonably expect” at launch 22 story missions, 11 crucible maps, 6 strikes, 4 exploration areas, and 1 raid. This information was apparently data mined from the beta build and companion app. But again, nothing is final. 

What do our readers think of this? Would you be buying the game if Deej’s comments are confirmed?

[Source: Twitch via Reddit]