Details of Mass Effect 4 Emerge at Comic-Con 2014, Story Will Not Revolve Around Commander Shepard (Update)


You can check out the new Mako video below.

Original Story:

BioWare has reiterated at its San Diego Comic-Con panel that Mass Effect 4 will not revolve around Commander Shepard. Although it seems that the story’s timeline will be set during Shepard’s lifetime, the developer has said that players will be experiencing something completely new. It has been said, however, that Shepard will have “something to do” with N7, the military designation for special forces soldiers. Additionally, some old characters might make an appearance again.

Reporters present at the event managed to take offscreen pictures of a customizable character labelled “Your Hero” (pictured above) alongside photos of a new Mako Land Rover. Since we’re told that the game is about exploring new places, it makes sense for the vehicle to return. Apparently, it’s faster now. 

Speaking about multiplayer in Mass Effect, producer Michael Gamble noted that although competition is critical, cooperative multiplayer is more important. He further said, “It’s ingrained in us to give players as much choice as possible.”

Check out the infamous Mako below.

mass effect 4 mako

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