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Dragon Quest Makes PS4 Debut in 2015 With Special Edition Hardware [Update: Trailer]

September 1, 2014Written by Heath Hindman

dragon-quest-heroes-ps4-logo “Please be excited” for 2015, Square Enix would tell us. Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii took to the stage and said that he was excited for Dragon Quest to make its first appearance on PlayStation hardware in about a decade (referring to Dragon Quest VIII for PS2 as the last one). When it launches, it will do so in standalone form as well as bundled with a special “Metallic” color PS4 system, seen here:




This new game, called Dragon Quest Heroes, will not be an RPG as Dragon Quest games traditionally are. They’re calling it an “action game” and more specifically, it looks very much in the style of Dynasty Warriors. More details and media will come in the time before and during Tokyo Game Show.

Update: Square Enix has now posted the trailer that was shown on stage: