Visceral Games: We’re Really Pushing for Player Choice in Battlefield Hardline

September 9, 2014Written by Alex Co


With Dead Space developer Visceral Games having its roots in single-player games, it’s understandable that it’s pushing this component into its version of the multiplayer-centric Battlefield franchise, Battlefield Hardline.

In an interview, Senior Producer Steve Anthony talked a bit about Hardline’s single-player campaign and mentions that the studio has taken influences from popular TV crime dramas and worked it into Hardline.

At Visceral we’re very proud of our lineage when it comes to single-player stories…What we’ve done for Battlefield Hardline is to take influence from popular television crime dramas and built a campaign that will unfold in episodic format. That means each episode of the campaign will have character development, intense moments, and cliff hanging endings.

So, what makes Hardline’s campaign different from past Battlefield single-player skirmishes, then? According to Anthony, it’s all about “player choice.”

Hardline differs in that we’re really pushing player choice…As you approach any given situation within the game we want to give you the tools to be able to analyze and assess how you want to deal with it. Previous Battlefield games were all about the high intensity, moment-to-moment action; with Hardline it’s much more about player choice and you deciding how you approach situations.

Hopefully, this means Hardline’s single-player will be a bit better compared to Battlefield 4. You can check out if Visceral is on the right track by watching this 12-minute campaign gameplay demo. 

Over on the multiplayer front, Visceral has also confirmed that Hardline’s max level will be at 150, among other in-game details.

Are you looking forward to Hardline’s single-player or should Battlefield games skip it entirely and focus on multiplayer given it’s what the fans want?

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]