Destiny Hotfix Doubles the Amount of Public Events

September 17, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


While Bungie will support Destiny with constant updates, the developer notes, “Not every update that you apply to Destiny will contain revolutionary changes to the player experience. As we support the world of Destiny beyond the launch, much of what we do behind the scenes will be dedicated to ensuring the services that support the game are stable.”

What this means for you is that Bungie will release hotfixes in addition to full game updates, with the one going live this week doubling the amount of Public Events and more:


  • Fixes for Xbox One bootflow issues
  • Changes in network configuration to improve stability
  • Fixes for issues causing game crashes


  • Public Events should occur twice as frequently in public spaces

Have you noticed an increase in the number of Public Events lately? Are you one of the few who has defeated The Vault of Glass event?

[Source: Bungie]