The Last of Us Protagonists Transported to a New Setting in Resident Evil 4 Mod

If you are a fan of Resident Evil and a fan of The Last of Us, then start getting very excited.

A new Resident Evil 4 mod created by LegalSoul, a member of the Resident Evil 4 Modding Board, has combined the two games, switching out Leon and Ashley for Joel and Ellie.

The models are handmade, LegalSoul has said, with the textures directly pulled from The Last of Us, making Joel and Ellie look almost exactly like they did in the original game.

On top of that, numerous weapons and object have been imported from The Last of Us, giving players a whole new arsenal in Resident Evil 4. LegalSoul even went so far as to add throwable bricks into the game, mimicking the bricks that Joel can throw to distract enemies. 

What do you think about the two games coming together? Are you going to download this mod?

[Source: Resident Evil Modding via Kotaku]